Play date and picnic at Kepong Metropolitan Park

Two ‘adventurous’ mamas planned for this day weeks back after the two kiddos impromptu meet up at Citta Mall – when the kids and mamas had a memorable day! 
I told Noelle about the meet up just before she fell slightly unwell yesterday – actually not confirming the ‘venue’ (either Kepong Metropolitan Park or our house) as we were not sure if hubby’s working today! When she turned warmish yesterday, Noelle repeatedly told me she will be well the next day – even promised to sleep ‘earlier’! This morning – though slightly warmish, she told us she was ok! We went on with our outdoor play date as going outdoor and sweating all out will definitely better for her – rather than her sitting at home! In fact, she kept bugging us about ‘EZ’ since then! She did tell me about her plans with EZ – at that time, I yet to inform her about KMP and our picnic plan. 

We arrived earlier than the mama and son at KMP. Noelle was rather disappointed when she couldn’t see EZ there despite so many other kids around the playground. 

Upon EZ’s arrival, her mood changed. They played in the playground, played bubbles and flew kites before we ate our simple picnic lunch. 

It then drizzle abruptly- and so we decided to pack. We had our ice mango at the famous road side stalls in Kepong before proceeding home! 

It was a short and sweet meet up. We could see how Noelle enjoys EZ and Aunty Qui’s companion especially during our ice mango session! It was really cute and funny seeing her build conversation with EZ! Noelle at most times try to include EZ while at KMP. When we disbanded abruptly due to drizzle, she kept repeating that ‘we lost EZ!’ 🤣 and she was all well after the outdoor playdate! All sweat out! 
The ‘keih ley feih’ Nikki had fun too. She was more adventurous today – as in she wanted to explore the playground herself and run around the field without us🙄🙄. She didn’t eat much lunch as she was getting tired. So I cooked lunch for her back home!

Thanks Aunty Qui and EZ for the time spent together – especially Aunty Qui who purposely prepared so many snacks and bringing along the cooler box! 😂 Hope you both had a great time too as we do!

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