Cleaning fresh anchovies 

I have been hard headed when it comes to feeding dried anchovies despite the saying that it contains a lot of calcium. This is for the simple fact that it contains a lot of salt/preservatives and no matter how many times we rinse – there will still be residual. Therefore, my no. 1 kid has never been introduced dried anchovies even powder foams until recently (that is after 3 year old). Instead, she gets a lot of her calcium by consuming yogurt plus cheese and from fresh food!

With no.2, she doesn’t really like yogurt. While she is alright with cheese, I do give her anchovies but the fresh kinds.

This is how fresh anchovies (or ikan bilis) look like. Besides wet market, I buy them too from supermarkets like Village Grocer. They will require some cleaning but I bet this is easy and quite therapeutic- if no one is disturbing! 😁😁 Just give them a minor cut and remove the intestines!

The clean anchovies:

This is the size of giant anchovies:

One way to cook them is by pan frying them. First cover them with a mixture of rice flour, cornflour and pepper.

Remove excess flour:

And then shallow pan fry them (you could even air fry them)!

Done! The crispy anchovies!

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