Water play at Serendah waterfall

Thanks to my ex class mate for sharing her outing photos at Serendah waterfall (and confirmed that there’s no monkey there šŸ¤£). We decided to explore it! Firstly, we have been wondering where is Serendah located. (Google tells us it is some where near towards Rawang.) It is about 40 minutes drive from PJ.
I actually showed Noelle the photos and some videos of Serendah waterfall – just to make sure she’s into it (and if she has overcome the monkey snatching incident at Kanching waterfall). She immediately remembered that the last trip she just wore her swim wear and put a dress over; and she repeated that she will do so again this round.
So, off we went for a short little trip there. Before arriving at the waterfall area – we actually have to go through some narrow uphill road. We just have to pay RM1 for parking (which was kind of limited). The entrance to the waterfall area is free. 
Upon arrival, there is a visible sight of the strong waterfall stream which already caught the ‘wow’ in us. As Noelle approached the place, she was already pulling her dress up- we have to remind her to wait and calm down as we haven’t put on her arm floats! 
The good thing about Serendah waterfall over Kanching waterfall is we don’t have to climb the hill; instead just walk few steps down to get into the river stream. 

We had a good one hour there with papa accompanying the girls mostly in the river while mama stayed at the river bank. <video > The river stream was kind of strong. We didn’t get near to the waterfall. It is really quite serene there. Both of the kids enjoyed themselves very much – and Nikki especially has overcame her fear a lot and no longer fussy about the water being cold. Noelle enjoyed playing with the sand in the river. 
This time around we didn’t plan any picnic. But we saw quite many of them doing bbq there! There were limited benches; so we just put our bags without anything too valuable by the riverbank. Public toilet is available at 30 sen per entry. We just changed the kids in the car. 
We stopped by at Tomyam Serendah for lunch (got to know about the place from some blogs). But we didn’t eat any tomyam and were wondering if there was tomyam at first – because everyone seems to be ordering few dishes served with rice. (It was just a mini restaurant in a house – with a young chef.) So, we just ordered their famous fish, tofu and veggie served with rice plus their lin chi kang. 

The meal cost RM43.90. Later we realise that there was really tomyam noodles sold! 

The kids had their own bentos that I prepared from home. Today’s lunch was less peaceful because we waited a while for the food to serve – and Nikki was started to lose her ‘patience’. Noelle was well seated because there was a big dog to scare her from moving around! šŸ¤£ 
Our outing ended after our lunch – whereby we went home to nap!

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