Some ‘friendships’ don’t last forever

Nice read up:

I have been going through emotional ups and downs in the past few months (not sure if this is hormonal or what). 
As a result, I have been ‘tuning out’ people (not just friends); I don’t even answer to certain messages (though sometimes it is because I forget) – some on purpose because I feel ‘annoyed’ with them. Some go through the back ways to get to me (I feel more annoyed with this)!
I know not many will agree with what I do.

But at the end of the day – I am at peace with myself and my mind; fully focus on my role as a mama in the next few years when the kids (and hubby) need me most!
I don’t have “many” friends (companions) but whoever left are the ‘best of kind’! Amen! 
If you think you need/want me, please don’t put me at the last spot (or come by only when you need/want me)- at the first place. Enough said!

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