Learning the spirit of giving

Mama used to have a childhood best friend, who was her neighbour’s daughter (not sure if you gonna read this, not going to tag you here – Angelynn Koh) 🤣! 
And looking at how Noelle and Jessica (now, neighbour’s daughter) little friendship flourish- it does bring back memories. It all started with an ‘exchange’ of gift – Noelle’s being sand art thingy and Jessica gave her a ‘mentos’ after that. They then have casual meet up every night (short 1-2 minutes when Jessica passes by).
Lately, Jessica gave her gummies (🙄🙄 not something ‘ideal’ that I would like Noelle to receive/ accept 😝 but as long as Noelle knows ‘it is not for eating’ – but for experimenting – she has been opening them to feel the texture – how sticky they are – which give her additional hint how that will be bad for her tooth)! 

To be grateful of what she has been receiving, today I suggested to Noelle that we make a little jar of cereal with nuts for Jessica! 

With this little give and take, hopefully she is learning the spirit of giving (which she takes it as ‘exchange’) – which I believe she does! 

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