Toddler friendly Japanese curry chicken 

I did not follow my old recipe this time but it turns out that this is tastier! 😊


Ingredients A: onions, tomatoes, carrot, potatoes, turmeric, curry leaves and ginger 

Oil for cooking 

Lentils, soaked

Chicken pieces

2 tbsp meat curry powder (I used baba’s)

Water, as required

5 tbsp milk kefir yogurt (or any plain yogurt)

Tapioca starch water (or corn flour water).

Steps: Stir fry ingredients in heated oil until fragrant. Add in chicken pieces and cover the ingredients with it. Add in curry powder and stir. Pour water until cover. Add in lentils. Lower fire and let it simmer until chicken almost done (about 30 minutes). Add in yogurt and let it simmer! Then add in corn flour water and let it simmer again! Done!

*yogurt was added more for flavouring! 

I served it with garlic rice <recipe>.

The 1y4m5d enjoyed it very much <video>. She completed almost all!

The elder sister too!

This is a one pot meal for all – adults are having it too! 

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