Toddler friendly briyani rice

I modified this from my previous recipe with less ingredients! I still used my Phillips  pressure cooker (PPC) to cook this. If you don’t have one, a rice cooker will do too! 


2 cups of basmati rice, soaked at least 4 hours

2 small onions, diced

2 cloves of garlic, diced

1 tsp turmeric powder

1 cinnamon stick (kulit kayu manis)

2 star anise

1 tbsp unsalted butter

Handful of sultanas (or as much as you like)

PPC: rice mode 

Note: I basically removed cumin seeds and the sea salt. I didn’t put in nuts (because I don’t have them at home).

Toddler friendly chicken poppers

No one best way to feed your kids. Your kids, your choice. I don’t deprive my kids from fried (oily) food (though I have an air fryer at home because certain food does taste nicer with oil πŸ˜‚). What I do is – ‘healthified’ the food as much as possible. Certain things that we adult crave for – well, I will try making them at home so that they can have the healthy version. 
These are chicken poppers; certainly easier to make than nuggets (where chicken has to be minced). And the meat remains juicy in it! 

Firstly, cut chicken fillets into smaller pieces. 

Then marinate them overnight with liquid aminos, corn flour, pepper and sesame oil.

We need an egg, all purpose flour and rice flour for the coating!

Ratio of all purpose flour and rice flour is 1:1
Dip the marinated chicken into the egg before coating with the mixed flour!

And then shallow pan fried!

These will be for their lunch and dinner – but I allowed them to try and they can’t stop munching on the chicken poppers! I have to keep them aside in the kitchen or else, all gone! 
Video of 15m22d enjoying her chicken popper <here>

Cream cheese cookies


6 tbsp all purpose flour

2 tbsp cream cheese

1 tbsp cold butter

About 20-30ml fresh milk

Mix and knead to become a dough. (Add more flour if dough too ‘soggy’; add more milk if flour doesn’t knead to dough)

Shape them! Both girls helped mama printed the cookies <video>

Bake for 30-40 minutes under 170 degree celcius. 

Let it cool.


Almost gone in 15 minutes!

It has been an incredible 20weeks

I am half way through my pregnancy and my 15m19d still nurses on. 
It has been an ‘incredible’ 20 weeks! Suffering from morning sickness, nipple soreness, taking care of two kids to managing the home (as a stay at home mum), I would say breastfeeding during this pregnancy journey has been far tougher (maybe because of aging too😝). 
Unlike my elder girl who was 2+ when I was pregnant with the second baby, I find that kid who just turned one year old when I found I was pregnant – is less able to ‘comprehend’. Similar to the elder sister, she doesn’t take any other milk (directly) – so she continues to nurse on like usual (in fact increased nursing in the beginning weeks)! Good news is she has been gaining appetite and remains as active (if not more active) than usual. 
I don’t know how long my breastfeeding journey with her will last, or could we do tandem nursing in the near future (my elder girl actually weans off naturally after two weeks the second one was delivered) – would actually appreciate my ‘single time’ nursing her now (even nipple does sore)! In fact, her day nursing has reduced tremendously in the past week – yesterday she went 12 hours without nursing (but gone maniac πŸ™„during wee hours)!
4y3m19 days of breastfeeding and still counting……πŸ™„πŸ™„

Yes I have my own standpoint

Focus on what you are doing. Just be confident with your own decisions. You yourself only know the actual reasons for the decisions made. 
Don’t have to pinpoint others (even anonymously) openly – e.g. ‘so and so’ choice let to ‘like that’ consequences – because you get no where by doing so! 

Everyone’s circumstance is different. Even if you made the exact same decision, conclusions could be different. Or different decisions could lead to similar conclusions. 
Most importantly, don’t say others are judging you when you are busy judging others in someway (intentionally or not). Eliminate the need to make comparisons. It is also about letting go your own ego, deep down. 

#selfreminder #randomthoughts

Swim dates 2N and 2H

Since Harper is off from school for Good Friday, mama Kate brought her and brother Hayden down. We had about an hour swim before playing toys (toys exchange)! Noelle is particularly ‘happy’ with the princess set that they brought over. 

And I am glad that the kids enjoyed playing my DIY castle (actually I can’t wait for it to be destroyed 🀣 but it is still so solidπŸ™„)! 

We had simple homecooked lunch too – a little more peace this time round when eating!

At 4y3m, Noelle has started using the swimming float without the arm band! <video>

Nikki’s second playdate

This lady (Apple Siew) was/is Noelle’s big fan those days! 🀣 Now that she has a son of her own that happen to be the same age with Nikki – we had this planned play date! They brought some of their toys here to ‘exchange play’ (I was too embarrassed 😩 to know that she was taking uber instead of driving herself and sort of regretted to ask her bring some of their toys!) We also planned some simple home cook knowing that we wouldn’t be eating in peace! πŸ™„πŸ™„
At their age (below two years), both Nikki and Kai were playing themselves more! Noelle was bored to a certain extent! πŸ˜‚ But she has been good in the sense that she didn’t fight over the toy with Kai instead giving in to him (but was throwing small tantrum/fit with me πŸ™„). Both mama Apple and I had a good chat plus getting to know each other more. We actually met at last year’s Kai’s first birthday!