Pork cutlet

While I don’t have a wonderful relationship with my mum, one thing that always remind me of her is the pork cutlet she makes for me when I was a kid. It has remain a favourite food of mine till now! As I won’t know how my relationship with my girls will be in the future, hopefully through sweet, sour or bitter – they would also remember me through homecooked food. And this is also the reason I would persist in preparing healthy homecooked for my kids! 

Here is the pork cutlet recipe:

– Minced pork

– Mashed boiled potato

– Chopped onions 

– Shredded celery

– Shredded carrot 

– Dash of Five spiced powder

– Dash of Black pepper

– Egg

– Sea salt (is optional since I used mainly high sodium natural ingredients) 

Mix everything and leave it for at least 10 minutes. Shape it and pan fry/ air fry/ bake! Your choice! 

Finger size ones for the little one! 

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