Cheesy buns

I made two trays of cheesy buns two days ago. And today I have to make two trays again as both of my girls finished them up. It was also an easy-to-bring-out snack for them. In the two days, the buns did remain soft as initially. The last few pieces which they had this morning – I did toast it slightly with my air fryer.
There are many cheese buns recipe out there; but I am sticking to this – kneading made easier with my Tesco breadmaker. 

Ingredients used:

1 egg + fresh milk = 200ml 

1 tsp instant yeast 

30g raw cane sugar

40g unsalted butter

220g bread flour

50g cake flour

50g all purpose flour 

Pinch of seasalt

Using Tesco breadmaker, I used the (8)dough mode. 

After it stops for the first time, I click ‘Start/Stop’ mode again and repress the (8)dough mode again.

Then after it stops, I remove it and place it into a bowl and cover it for 45 minutes.

It will rise after the 45 minutes. 

I then remove the dough and knead on the mat. I simmer some bread flour onto the mat to avoid it being sticky.

The dough are divided into two trays.

The dough are top with some shredded cheese.

I find this Mozarella shredded cheese from Bake with Yen has low sodium (350g sodium per 100g) and it is cheaper than Bega cheese.

They are sent to bake after resting for another 20 minutes. They are baked for 30-40 minutes under 170 degree celcius (I find my Khind oven is slightly lower temperature than its actual temperature – so I baked longer).

With Mozzarella cheese, we have the pull effect! 

With great approval from the toddler:

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