Toddler friendly chicken poppers

No one best way to feed your kids. Your kids, your choice. I don’t deprive my kids from fried (oily) food (though I have an air fryer at home because certain food does taste nicer with oil ๐Ÿ˜‚). What I do is – ‘healthified’ the food as much as possible. Certain things that we adult crave for – well, I will try making them at home so that they can have the healthy version. 
These are chicken poppers; certainly easier to make than nuggets (where chicken has to be minced). And the meat remains juicy in it! 

Firstly, cut chicken fillets into smaller pieces. 

Then marinate them overnight with liquid aminos, corn flour, pepper and sesame oil.

We need an egg, all purpose flour and rice flour for the coating!

Ratio of all purpose flour and rice flour is 1:1
Dip the marinated chicken into the egg before coating with the mixed flour!

And then shallow pan fried!

These will be for their lunch and dinner – but I allowed them to try and they can’t stop munching on the chicken poppers! I have to keep them aside in the kitchen or else, all gone! 
Video of 15m22d enjoying her chicken popper <here>

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