Nikki’s second playdate

This lady (Apple Siew) was/is Noelle’s big fan those days! 🤣 Now that she has a son of her own that happen to be the same age with Nikki – we had this planned play date! They brought some of their toys here to ‘exchange play’ (I was too embarrassed 😩 to know that she was taking uber instead of driving herself and sort of regretted to ask her bring some of their toys!) We also planned some simple home cook knowing that we wouldn’t be eating in peace! 🙄🙄
At their age (below two years), both Nikki and Kai were playing themselves more! Noelle was bored to a certain extent! 😂 But she has been good in the sense that she didn’t fight over the toy with Kai instead giving in to him (but was throwing small tantrum/fit with me 🙄). Both mama Apple and I had a good chat plus getting to know each other more. We actually met at last year’s Kai’s first birthday!

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