Raisin and almond flakes pandan bread loaf

Today I baked raisin and almond flakes pandan bread loaf. I usually bake this ‘flavour’ once a week as I will keep some in the fridge for our outings over weekend – as snacks for the girls. 

I used the exact recipe from my fragrant pandan bread loaf (here: https://17chipmunks.wordpress.com/2017/04/02/fragrant-pandan-bread-loaf/) but added a cup of almond flakes plus raisins into it. I also switched it ‘sweet’ mode on my tesco breadmaker. Unfortunately, it is not as fluffy as the original flavour – though it is well accepted by the girls.

Over the weekend, I would usually air fry the cut slices for 2-3 minutes under 150 degree celcius. They become crispy toast bread snack! 

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