Basil bread loaf 

I have tried out a new recipe with slight adjustment to the previous recipe!

Recipe for the basil bread loaf:
220g Love Earth^ (LE) HIGH PROTEIN FLOUR
50g cake flour (I currently used brandless cake flour that I get from Bake with Yen)
1/2 tsp LE SEA SALT
1 tsp instant yeast (mauri pan)
Egg+fresh milk**+ some fresh basil leaves 200ml (blend this)
40g unsalted butter (I usually use Anchor, Ambassador or Emborg)
First, mode 8 (dough). After about 20 minutes, change to mode 1 (basic). I prefer ‘light’ colour and this is considered a big loaf size. I usually remove the loaf immediately after baking. 

**I usually use Goodday, Dutch Lady or Farm house fresh milk
^Love Earth products can be purchased from major supermarkets such as Heromarket, Tesco and Aeon. Or, you can also purchase it online from the <link here>.

I personally feel it tastes like a herby bread; less fragrant than the pandan loaf

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