A visit to Kuan Wellness Eco Park and Morib beachside

We thought of bringing the two for a birdnest factory and farm visit. But the factory visit was a total disappointment. 

The farm visit was ‘ok’; truly suitable for toddlers and young kids. Entrance was RM5 per adult. It was just a small little farm with fishes, birds, rabbits, porcupines, deers and etc. The range of animals actually slightly better than Rabbit Fun Land, Lenggeng. Noelle was more interested in feeding the fishes. The other animals (in particular rabbits, porcupines and deers) were rather too hungry and hogging for the carrots – making Noelle feeling fearful to feed them. It ended up me feeding the ‘poor’ animals – but it was rather pitiful looking at how hungry they were. The setback was the animals were caged unlike posted by some other bloggers some time back.
Since it was not too far from Morib beach, we dropped by there to have our ‘hawker’ stall lunch (local Malay food) and ‘blow’ wind. (To me: It was always a wise decision to pack food for small kids when venturing into unfamiliar places.) Both of them bought mini windmills – which cost more than our lunch!😂😂 We took some pictures and had ice cream before going off. We didn’t kite and play bubble this time. Public toilets available at 30 sen per entry.

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