Picnic and waterfall play at Kanching waterfall

It has been some time since our outdoor activity. We decided to give Nikki her first picnic and waterfall experience at Kanching waterfall – not too far; with the new highway it takes about 30-40 minutes from PJ. We told Noelle about the plan the night before and she relates it with Peppa pig’s experience in the forest.

Most things went as planned. I prepared some food for the picnic. 

They (especially Noelle) had fun at the waterfall. Nikki is still a little timid especially with the cold water stream. Video <here>

We ate our lunch there before a monkey snatched our wet tissue away – just right in front of Noelle (we thought the monkey wanted our food- hubby and I were like just ‘shoo shoo’)!😂😂 It shocked Noelle (she jumped up and cried) and then she said she was done with the waterfall (we asked if she wanted to go there again – she said no 😅). She requested for ice cream before going home.

We only paid RM4.20 for two adults’ entrance. The place is serene but one has to really look after own things especially if packed in plastic (there are many monkeys around). Fortunately I stored our food in a big container which we brought along for the picnic! Clean public toilets is available for 50 sen per entry. There are some shops selling food and drink if you didn’t bring any along. Ice cream trucks are available too.

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