Out of home play date with a new friend

This is our first playdate and in fact first meet up with Charmaine (of mama Nicole Ong whom I got to know from healthy food for my babies fb group two to three years back)! Mama Nicole actually initiated this playdate and in fact took leave for this day.

It seems like these two girls – Noelle and Charmaine have known each other for long! πŸ˜‚ They bonded so well upon meeting, holding hands while walking and even threw tantrum when we asked them to let go – as we needed to cross the street. It was a rainy morning but Noelle was ‘excited’ as it means that she gets to use the umbrella. We took the train to SS15 Courtyard, in particular Funtopia (maze play for school holiday is RM13 per hour) for a short indoor playground play and had our lunch at Village Grocer – with mama Nicole preparing lunch for the girls. 

We went for a short grocery shopping (as per our standard routine) before taking the train ride home. The girls played for a while at our home before we called it a day!

The ability of a kid to social with others does not depend on whether s/he goes to school or not at a young age. Noelle is a great example especially this week! 😊
Yes, I am a proud mama!🀣😘

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