Bestie reunited v1 2017

We had this reunion for the two since Kiven was on school holiday! Fortunately I only told Noelle about it two days ahead – she has been repeating her ‘plot’ since then. She even cried when I pretended to call Vennzi to cancel the play date when she misbehaved yesterday! πŸ˜‚ This was how much she missed playing with Kiven, I guess! And I woke her up this morning by telling her that Kiven ain’t going to wait for her! 😝

The day went with more or less like what was ‘plotted’ except Kiven didn’t want to ride her bike (in fact, she was telling me how Kiven will be fetching her on the passenger seat at the bikeπŸ˜‚ – only did I realise that my girl has such ‘fantasy’!πŸ™„). She planned for a bubble plan in the playground. Then we had lunch before heading to the pool. Noelle’s plot was having to ride her boat with Kiven; but then again Kiven refuse to go onto the boat! πŸ˜‚ Nevertheless they had a fun time chasing one another in the pool and surrounding the pool – because of a water bottle! They had a short play (definitely improved a lot in terms of playing together – at least they can fix the Peppa playground together) before we called it a day! 
Hopefully we can have another playdate before the arrival of Kiven’s little sibling! 😊

One thought on “Bestie reunited v1 2017

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