Fun meet up with two mummies and their kids

This meet up was initiated by Kate (a mummy that I know from healthy food for my babies and also stay at home mum fb groups) who also happen to be in the same playgroup as Karen (by ex school mate🤣) and stay nearby each other. So both came along together with their kids – total 4; three girls and one boy! 
Noelle was pretty excited when I told her that she will have two new girlfriends coming and Mei Mei will have two friends too. She was rehearsing how she and Mei Mei will be sharing toys with their respective friends! In fact, I did find Noelle kind of friendly when all of them arrived! All well ends well – no fighting at all except among siblings! 🤣 Noelle was particularly compatible with Harper (Kate’s daughter). Initially Nikki was stunt when she saw so ‘many’ people in the house; but soon she got along especially with Kate mama entertaining her! 
It was a nice meetup; with Noelle requesting to go to their houses in return! 😂

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