Be a better human

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It is the other categories — things like friendship, teamwork, kindness, generosity — where I want them to really excel.

Since late last year, Noelle has started to exchange hellos and byes with the little girl next door (the girl and the dad wiĺl usually walk pass our unit to get to their unit). Then weeks ago, I gave Noelle an idea – to ask the name of this ‘friend’. Ever since then, in addition to ‘hellos and byes’, the conversations have extended to ‘what’s your name?’ 😂 (without fail) but when I asked Noelle – what’s her friend’s 👫 name – she couldn’t tell!😅 But her reply to her friend has changed from ‘lui lui’ to ‘Noelle’ at least! 😂 (her first reply to her friend was ‘lui lui’ which is her nick given by her papa; and that reply couldn’t stop me from laughing😂).
This week – I gave her ‘courage’ to hand some sandart thingy to her friend. Knowing Noelle (and understanding from her point of view), she was initially reluctant to give away ‘her’ stuff (actually we had a big collection and duplicates of them). She was initially showing her very sad faces when I gave her the idea – to the extent of me taking back my idea. I even assured her that we had many of them plus we could get more when we are done with it. She wanted to give but still sad. I even added that the sandart pieces were left untouched before I came with this idea and that was why it is good to givr some away (that was the point I started to get annoyed with my own suggestion😅 because of the face she was showing me). Then before the girl came by, she did a sandart by herself (that I think satisfied herself).
Upon the hello from her friend that night, she rushed out with the new sandart pieces to pass to the girl. 👧 I was in the kitchen and could hear happy 😁 voices from both of them. After the girl left to her unit, I asked Noelle ‘do you feel happy GIVING?’ which she nodded yes, and ‘did you see how happy your friend was?’, which she nodded yes. Yes, giving away something (we ‘want’ especially with limited resources, i seriously understand) is difficult – but the spirit of giving – (no matter how small the gift is) matters more. 
And yes, that’s the point – I want her to be a better human who not only care to have all things by herself. I would repeatedly say – ‘this is not easy to do so’; I learn this at an older age – especially in these two to three years; from my buddies to facebook friends who have willingly offer me ‘alot’ of stuff (not just materials) despite we being strangers at one point of time!

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