Trial music class at an enrichment centre @ 4y2m4d

Noelle attended a music class in one enrichment centre this morning (since the ad hoc class that she attended late last year – stop for the class of her age on Saturday mornings). She enjoys this class a lot but as usual she had her usual ‘attitudes’ – which I feel the teacher handled very well with the situation. 
I was there only as observer (parents are usually not allowed in the class) though Noelle did shared few glances with me. I had a good feeling with the class – and we are thinking to put her in the class in the longer term (a slow transition for her next year). In fact, after she got home, she told me to wait for her downstairs for the next class – and she will follow the teacher up and come down all by herself! 😊She’s definitely happy with the class.
**for safety reason, not exposing the name of the centre.🤐😬

Video <here>

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