Hideous face 

This is not a rant but a fact of life that I would like to express.
There are many people (both males and females) that hide themselves behind the screen -not exposing about themselves much and appear hiding their activities. BUT at the same time they are stalking other people. It is fine that they are ‘stalking’ but when they find something that ‘interest’ them – they just message and try to find out more. And expect the person (us) to expose more information. Why should you be given free information, have you wondered? Seriously, why do you bother about what others doing in their respective lives while you couldn’t bother telling others what you are doing in your own life? Or only appearing when you intend to ‘show off’. What’s more annoying is the questioning appears to be teasing (like you are soooooo smart). Please don’t appear to be ‘concern’ when you are just pure nosy! Everyone has their own objective in life – and may be different from yours.
**And these people are usually ‘related’ by blood!

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