Day trip to Colmar Tropicale and Animal Park, Bukit Tinggi

Hubby took time off today and we decided to drive up to Bukit Tinggi. Being a weekday, it was a breeze drive up the hill. Fortunately we avoided the road passing Baru Caves our way there – as we watched in ‘horror’ the traffic along Baru Caves on our way back home!
It is Noelle’s second visit but she showed more interest this time – as we told her we will be visiting a ‘castle’! 😅 We actually showed her the past photos – walked down the memory lane before going there; to set her expectations.
Nikki gets her first full freedom today as she didn’t have to be in the carrier the whole trip. In fact, she turned her body away from me when I offer to carry her! 😂

Short sweet trip without being too tiring for all of us!

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