CNY 2017 play date with Ethan

Today wasn’t the totally ‘right’ day for Noelle – as she caught flu bug two days ago and having difficult falling asleep at night and nap time (that also mean she was somehow cranky because wasn’t well rested) – but all well ends well!
I did pre-empt Mama Nicole that Noelle wasn’t too well and asked if she mind about it – her response was ‘there are more sick kids in his school’😂 😝☺️ So we went on with the playdate as planned about two weeks ago! (Actually mama Nicole desperate want to meet her fmz aka Nikki 🙄).
It was a free play day with Ethan bringing a bag of toys and Noelle sharing her toys with him. We also went down to the condo’s playground for fresh air (on a very hot afternoon – but they did had fun there).

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