Bye to another Facebook friend


I have ‘met’ many wonderful people through facebook but I have to admit that there were some ‘un-wonderful’ ones too. Recently, I went on a filtering activity and there was THE one that I have been hesitating to remove (let us name her Ah Ma).

I have been ‘friends’ with Ah Ma since two years ago – the healthy food for my babies fb days! I would say that it was a healthy friendship – though it has been on and off – as in I was only an ‘option’ to her at times when she will message me if she needed something or wanted to know some juicy news; ignoring other things that I am ‘up to date to’ on facebook (now I know some of you still do that to me, sadly). But what makes me ‘heartache’, in these two years few things happen and I have been keeping it
– broken promise of meeting ups (in particular to collect her stuff) till I am ‘afraid’ to meet her already
– broken promise of sending something over (it eventually arrived but it took two years) – it isn’t about the ‘thing’ but the time wasted waiting 
– her ‘sarcastic’ messages to me (what I regretted most was making her a lending shoulder for a rant – and saw how the friendship ‘spark’ blossomed)
– her selective comments on our common facebook friends (not that i tracked her but it just appear on my feeds) but her ‘i am too busy to check facebook and don’t know what’s happening’ to me but I can see her on daily basis on facebook (through my newsfeed).

Actually it does no harm by just remaining Ah Ma in  the friend list as I think she is a kind person anyway. But by having her removed, I have a peace of mind – seriously, I don’t get to see her feeds on facebook anymore. It makes no difference to her anyway as she can still message me like she has been doing so – as I didn’t block her.

**Ah Ma and I have alot of ‘common’ friends on facebook. If you know her and find this to be unbelievable, then don’t believe me but I am just speaking the truth from what I know and experience with her.

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