Cheesy waffle bites

Ingredients that were mixed using a scoop: one egg, 100g cake flour, 1 tbsp shredded cheese, 1 tbsp farmers union Greek style natural yogurt, 1 tbsp unsalted butter, 100 ml water

I was using my Bayers waffle maker to make these bites.

The 12m8d enjoying it <video>

If you don’t have a waffle maker, you can always make it to pancake.

I decorated the pancake with grape, blueberries and some honey for the elder girl!

The importance of naptime 

While the pork noodle is super yummy, I enjoyed the great company more – the once every fortnight or monthly meet up – that give me chance to pour out my parenting thoughts without being judge (while we watch the girls play and fight 😅). 
Thank you very much! 
A short meetup but totally satisfying! Today cleared my own perception that ‘am I too rigid with my kids naptime?’ 
I do turn away invites that schedule around naptimes. And last month, when I was looking through the weekly Christmas events in shopping malls; most kids activities were spaced around my girls’ naptime (3pm to 5pm) – so it has kept me wondering ‘if I am the only one?’
I am NOT alone that insist on naptime and a routine (even during outstations or any outings). I find her to concur my own thoughts that naptime is important for the kids who sleep late and wake up early. Or else they will go either cranky or super active (or gila). 
^^In fact, Noelle can go without nap if not I insisted her to rest her brain, eyes, mouth, face and body😂 (that’s what I tell her when she asks why must nap). She can last till night without nap if I permit but we can find a super crazy girl in the house – like a drunken. Even if she doesn’t want to nap, we insist that she lies on the bed – though a lot of movements on the bed, eventually she will take a short nap (99%)! Plus this mama definitely need the power nap too (sometimes I wake from my power nap and Noelle hasn’t nap yet 🙄).

Be different

It takes courage to be different – to do something out of norm. 
But it is also not wrong if you want to be a follower. 
Most importantly, do things that satisfy your internal happiness rather than largely depending on others to cheer you up!
It is your life – you choose your own path! Stand up for what is right – even if it means standing alone! 
Never explain yourself as people who empathize you will do and those who don’t won’t even believe it!

New Year meetup and play date 

Today we have Ethan and mama Nicole in the house! Noelle remembers Ethan by him fixing her Robocar Poli! 😅 Before he came, she told me that she wanted to play ‘small’ lego with him (but it didn’t happen at all)! 
But, they had a good free play! They were better at taking turns this time! Noelle was given the privilege with her toys but when she was done, she did pass and exchange with Ethan. And Noelle certainly showed less rough play (I think I found the ‘trick’ to this – just stop ‘lecturing’ or reminding her before her play date comes! I read somewhere that if we constantly ‘nag’ not to do something, it eventually internalize in them that ‘it should be done’!)
I couldn’t stop repeating myself – Of all kids that we came across, Ethan’s behavior resembles the closest to Noelle – because they are in the same ‘phase’, they are just three days difference! From play pretend, screaming, jumping, plot twisting to acting like a baby! 😂
Nikki had a great time too though she was ‘afraid’ of mama Nicole. She was wondering why gor gor Ethan was after her ‘bike’! 
We had a very simple lunch which I prepared!
**Papa’s at work today!

Our FREE MRT ride on New Year’s day

Like it or not, public transportation especially monorail 🚝 will be the way moving forward! We took advantage of the free rides on MRT (until Jan 16, 2017) on this New Year’s Day! We parked our car around the Mutiara station and went towards Sg Buloh. We then moved to Semantan before heading back to Mutiara to collect our car. 
Guess Noelle is used to taking Putra LRT with me; though she seems to be excited at the beginning, she became whining in the midway! (Or probably because she was tired – she napped on our way back home – she usually naps after we arrive home)