2016 has come to an end! 

I am glad that I did (or stop doing) most of these in 2016! <article>
Taking care of myself (besides the kids and hubby) is my priority – to stay on ‘top’, one has to do things that makes them ‘happy’ and not just to satisfy others’ happiness – because everyone is responsible for their ownself. We are not targeting to get the ‘best parents award’ but at least we (or I) are fulfilling our responsibilities.

We or at least ‘me and my girls’ have been staying away from ‘dramas’. If you are negative, no one can change your mindset except yourself! For example, if you think you are suffering, you will suffer! Appreciate your own life for many who wish to live does not get to! 

And people who try sarcasm on me (purposefully or unintentionally) will definitely NOT get their way to me! For instance, ‘since you are so busy…’ as an opening to a conversation to meeting us will never get a response from me. Plus please do not plan for me/us. Just be sincere with your invitations. Please remember that we have the right to reject! 

For myself, I don’t believe in ‘diversification’ but to ‘focus’ my attention to my girls and hubby. Sorry, I couldn’t fulfill my duties as daughter, daughter in law or even sister in law – because that isn’t what I want to be! 

Hopefully I would withheld most of what I did in 2016 in the future and continue to create a meaningful living for myself and my family!

The best of US in 2016!
One year ago, we brought Nikki home! And one year now, we have her wandering around at home! 😂
It has been a ‘tiring’ year (for me in particular) – adjusting to a new baby, making sure that most things remaining status quo for the elder girl (so that she doesn’t feel left out), making sure everything at home is in order, making sure everyone is well fed and maintaining my own sanity. 
Nevertheless, it has been a fulfilling year – seeing how both girls progress/milestones, bonding and happy faces! I am prouder that I did most of my duties/responsibilities without having to rely on others.
Happy New Year!
We will be ushering in 2017 with ‘sleep’ 😂! Good night! 
**I work on the motto that my family relies on me to be strong, to lead, mentor and provide for them.

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