2016 in review for the 4 year old

Though Noelle is a ‘bully’ at times and rough on the baby, she has been a good sister in a year. 
She adores Nikki – sometimes staring at her sister and says ‘you are so cute!’ or kisses her sister out of sudden! She plays a big sister role when there are friends around. For example, during the recent playdate when her friends were riding on the toy cars; while the mummies were asking the sons to be careful of Nikki who was around – she said out ‘she is just a baby!’ 😂 mimicking us (hubby and I when she tries bullying Nikki)!
The greatest moment that I witnessed this pair of sisters yesterday was how Noelle sang out loud birthday song for Nikki (and no jealousy sign) and pulling out the food picker in fear of Nikki poking herself (though at the end she just put the honeydew in her own mouth😅)!
For us, the greatest decision made and the greatest benefit of homeschooling Noelle for the year 2016 is the bond between them two. Study and play with friends can wait; but flourishing a sisterhood cannot wait – as one day both will grow up and go their respective independent paths! 
Thanks to my friends constant reminder that siblinghood is something nurture by/from parents; and this definitely has reinstated my belief! 
* I am not against schooling

** I am not proving anything 

*** If you feel anything from this post, it is you and not me! I am just saying what I observe and experience.

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