Mini birthday party for the two girls

It didn’t come to my mind that I would have a birthday party for them. But this was suggested by Vennzi and she ‘pulled’ in Quinnie! 😂 
We made it a nasi lemak party with me preparing rice and roast chicken wings, Vennzi with her beef rendang and Quinnie with her sambal sotong. I boiled radish soup for the kids (and our dinner). I also baked a simple birthday cake and simply cut a fruit cake for Nikki.

Most things went as planned – we went for a swim, free play, lunch, birthday cake cutting and exchange of gifts! It was a joyous occasion with Noelle shouting out ‘this is the best birthday ever’!😂 Seriously – touched! 

This time around Noelle played more by herself while the two boys had fun together! Nikki enjoyed herself at the swimming pool!

Without Noelle, mama wouldn’t know these two ladies! And these two ladies ‘love’ Noelle (and Nikki) to bits. Thank you very much! 😚

I am a happy mum because my girls are happy! 😊😊
While Nikki seems so blur during the singing ceremony, she is so happy when I repeat the video for her! 😂😂😂
Thanks videographer Quinnie Tan for taking these moments when mama was busy snapping photos! 😂😘<video>

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