Christmas Day 2016

It has been a good day. A 0715am start, which isn’t bad when one has young kids. With Nikki’s on going post holiday blues – her constant nursing plus my little sore left eye – tiredness was there! We decided on The Curve.

 It all went pretty smoothly. We went to the bookstore after Noelle gets her egglettes. We had our Japanese lunch where Nikki also had her first taste to edamame (grateful to a family who finished off their son with food and gave us the limited high chairs). 

We then went to IKEA and bought them a Christmas present – trains track – which will be shared between both of them (Noelle agreed!). 

We quickly rushed for the Mesmerizing Christmas Princess Anatasia show, which Noelle wanted to watch again. She ‘fought’ for a front seat – and a girl pushed her away. Not to make things worse, I just asked Noelle to move forward nearer to the stage. She did cried but I assured her that she wasn’t ‘wrong’, gave her a hug and kiss (hubby was still queuing to pay at IKEA while I brought two girls to the Curve) while asking her to wait few more minutes before the show to begin. As previously, she sat quietly to watch while playing with the paper measuring tape. She obediently sat down despite some other kids started to stand in front of her to shake hands with the princesses. This time, after the show, most of the kids were rushing up to shake hands with Princess Anatasia. I did lose sight of her for few seconds until I pulled her out. She told us she managed to shake hand with Princess Anatasia (haha…not sure how true is this). Anyway, she enjoyed the show as previously. We had ice cream before returning home for nap! They opened and played the train track thereafter!

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