Our getaway trip to Bali 2016

This is our bonus trip – decision, ticketing and bookings made two weeks before the day! We told Noelle one week before – and she was the first to pack her toy bag and then started counting the number of times she has to nap/sleep before it reaches the day! 
This was a free and easy trip without any itinerary- but with our usual schedule – morning play, afternoon nap and evening outing! The afternoon nap wasn’t just crucial for the kids but for us to recharge ! 

Round one on the plane – passed!

Traveling when she’s now 11m+ for 3 hours on a plane is more breezy than when she was 4m+ for an hour! 😂
Nikki was more alert this round and ‘banyak tangan’ – want to touch here and there – including the person sitting in front!😪😓But she was happy throughout. We just passed her around between me and hubby without having to walk around! She only got a little cranky until I managed to put her to sleep via nursing! She slept about 1.5-2 hours. 
Noelle was even better- she played slime close to 2 hours; talked a lot as usual; ate some biscuit and napped before we landed! 

Day 1 – after we arrived and put our luggages at the hotel, we walked towards Kuta beach and found a warung that sold babi guling! It was a local stall and we found it relatively hygiene – so, ok let’s try! Not too sure if we were too hungry, I found it particularly delicious! 😂Noelle had rice and fried egg – she was actually expecting her packed home cooked food, but with disappointment she ate a little! We were utterly shocked with the filthy Kuta beach though we enjoyed the breezy wind. Noelle was admiring the ponies! We walked around the town and bought cheese in the supermarket. We then went back to hotel and swam! Noelle had waited for it – plus everyone got some nap in the plane earlier! I quickly cooked pasta for both of them – settled their dinner before we went out. 

I just brought one food jar, animal pasta and accessories 🙄😅
And we bought babybel cheese from the supermarket!
Cooked for both because Noelle expects to have her portion if Nikki has hers! But mostly taken by Noelle 😊

We ate bakso in the food court located at a mall. It was nice but the amount was too small. So we walked down to some local hawker stalls – bought their local yau char kwai and mutton satay! We then called it a day! 

Day 2 – we thought the Kuta beach would be better condition in the morning; but to our disappointment – it appears like rubbish centre; even with tractors pushing all the collected rubbish to the shore! So we decided to go on a pony ride (we have learn the skill of bargaining for ride – from 300k rp to 115k rp)- to settle Noelle before we went for massage (foot massage price in Kuta is around 60-65k rp per hour). Massage was when Noelle get her iPad time. Nikki was just observing around – we passed her around between me and hubby – depending on who she wanted to follow! We had Taiwanese lunch in the mall before heading back for nap! We had our swim in the evening – great that the pool has heater – so Nikki actually enjoys swimming there! While I cooked and waited for the kids to eat, hubby went down to the warung next door to pack our dinner – fried rice, ayam guling set, satay ayam and itik bibik! 

After our dinner, we headed off to walk around and then settle for massage again!

Day 3- Hubby decided to ‘grab’ a car to Seminyak beach. Our first experience with GRAB and UBER begins in Bali! The fare is seriously way cheaper than the local taxi – which can cut our throat! At Seminyak beach, it was cleaner than Kuta beach – and its sand is finer. Noelle ran like crazy there – and she was actually giving us the hint that she needed to go to the loo!😪 Fortunately we were allowed to use the toilet at a hotel nearby! Noelle changed her clothes too as she fell down while running on the beach. We settled lunch with nasi padang. 

We took a ‘grab’ car back to Kuta and we had another round of massage before heading back to hotel for nap and swim! 

For dinner, we walked to the local stall to have Chinese Indonesian dinner! And then foot massage again! 😂

Day 4 – our usual end day of the trip is morning swim before checking out. Noelle had early lunch in the room. We decided for same babi guling and then the final massage. 

This time hubby ‘uber’ a car to the airport (imagine the destination from airport to our hotel costed us 400k rp while uber from hotel to airport was just less than 20k to)! We changed ourselves in the airport before flying home! We had some scenes in the plane with both cranky/ crying mode because too tired of no nap for the day. They eventually slept during take off. Noelle woke midway calling hungry; so she ate the pasta that I prepared – she was eating with eyes shut actually! Then Nikki woke – so both of them were ‘noisy’ in the plane (cannot forget the stares the two ladies in front of us gave us when we were getting out of the plane. Sorry we were not apologetic at all – because we had tried our best to minimize the volume.)
We arrived home quite late that night! Seriously so tiring – just luckily there was still water running under the tap!

Overall, Nikki was better in this oversea trip compared to when she was 4m+ to Phuket. And we could see that she was basically enjoying and less afraid (but shy) towards strangers! 

She nursed at every chance when mama hugs/babywearing her (and even now when I am typing this)! 

As for Noelle, she displayed two traits – either very sticky to papa (wanting him to carry) or very independent (walking without wanting us to hold her)! 

Few moments when she suddenly ran off to look for papa without letting me know – really angered me! And she cheekily smiled back at me when she was in papa’s hands (like she escaped from being punished by me)!

Kuta Station Hotel & Spa Bali

•Location: Strategic – near to the malls and beach (walking distance)

• Kids friendly – with playground and slide to the kids pool; swimming pool with heater

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