Review: Avon Mastercook

Hubby got me this cookware for Christmas! 😬 And I am loving it! Though it is a ‘stock pot’ by its name – I actually cooked kai choy rice in it – without it being sticky or burnt and it just requires less than 20 minutes plus not much monitoring required! It came out perfectly well – no soggy texture and no uncooked grains!

I simply just stir fry onions and garlic in oil. Add in dried prawns. Stir for a moment before adding Chinese sausage, mushrooms and grains. Stir it and then add the blanched kai choy. Stir and add in water (I cooked two cups of rice, water was about 1.5 cups since kai choy is wet by itself). Then cover and leave it on stove on for 13 minutes. Off fire and let it be there. We had it for dinner while I cooked in the morning!

**This is NOT a paid advertisement 

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