Our home library 

We have a lot of books at home! Yet, they can be never enough! 
I am a bookacholic since school days! My preference moved from fictions to self motivation; and then self improvement in the workplace, yoga, cooking, pregnancy and now parenting! Not to forget, now we also have kids book in the collection too! 
It is seriously hard to depart from our books – that’s why we don’t preloved them though the likelihood of reading them again is slim! We are just hoarders! 😅
But what’s ‘great’ now is hubby’s into this ‘hoarding’ thingy with me😂😂😂 and yeah, he bought more than us! Probably when we grow old, we will sell off this antique collection.
We need more ‘hands free’ moments to finish this pile! And time to rearrange our books! 

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