Remedy for bloated stomach – tested! 

For the past few days, I had bouts of bloated stomach – regurgitation- most likely due to irregular eating patterns! I told my friend about it and she told me about her hearing about this over the radio (so coincident)! So I tried – boiling few pieces of lemon, mint leaves and ginger with water for few minutes. I added molasses sugar to sweeten it slightly! I drank two glasses of it – and felt much better after that!

On another note, I am physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted this week! I feel that I am losing my own passion plus freedom in life; but told myself that this is a choice I made! No turning point but embrace it – so I will just continue to focus on the utmost importance- my kids and hubby (while ‘hoping’ he will do the same). 

And I am being bugged over and over again for some meetups. If I had ‘free’ time, I would rather spend it resting or doing things that could lift my own spirit up (sorry dining and meeting up ain’t my passion unless it is got to do with keeping the kids occupied – but sadly in most of these, I am THE one that has to be sacrificing my time/myself – seriously, eating has also become no fun) – how many times do I have to repeat this and would anyone of them try to empathize – instead of ‘they’ and ‘you’; please, I have to love ‘me’self more! 

One of the best things I did with the kids this week is watching Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse live in Paradigm mall! And it ended up with the kids having good rest  when we returned!

I thought I would be tired too! But I wasn’t. In fact , I felt refreshed, having to go out to take fresh air and see different things – rather than being stuck at home. I spent my ‘me time’ building a new busy board for the baby and a cardboard house for the elder girl!

And I am going to stress that – at this juncture of life, I would be ‘selfish’ to do things I am happy and want to do – rather  spending my little precious me time doing something unhappy. Yes, I will get my ‘karma’; hopefully the ‘good’ karma from spending my time with my kids and hubby! I will have no regrets even if I drop death the next moment! 

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