Sharing between young siblings

They were both ‘fighting’ over the motorbike the whole day with Noelle refusing to let Nikki have it! 😪
Well, Noelle has the ‘right’ not to share/ take turn because it belongs to her. At the same time, I cannot ask Noelle to give in just because Nikki was crying – as Noelle will use back the same crying tactic on us. Distracting Nikki wasn’t easy too (as usual she will want what Noelle has🙄). What a dilemma! I even indirectly told Nikki that I will get her new toys since Noelle isn’t sharing with her – Noelle didn’t bother me!🙄
At one point, Noelle started telling me ‘mama, I don’t want Mei Mei 😒!’ And I was 😨😨 and then told her ‘ok, I will send Mei Mei to Aunty’s house’. 🙄Noelle then nodded. I didn’t bother her.

Just before nap time, Noelle came telling me ‘mama, I dun wan Mei Mei go’. At first, I was thinking ‘what’ and then reflected on what we were talking earlier. So I knew what she meant. 
So after all, Noelle wanted Nikki to ‘stay’. After nap time, Noelle even started to ‘take turn’ with Nikki to go on the bike (though Noelle still shows her possessiveness). 
I guess the point is not to force them into ‘sharing’ but just let it take its pace!

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