Giving up may be easy 

Our stationary holder 
She choose to do a plain purple colour (twilight sparkle 🙄pony)holder. While she was excited to do this craft, she was frustrated that the sticks came out as she applied too little glue. She was even more frustrated when I told her what to do! 😒😪 Then I didn’t bother her but completed mine. Before i put Nikki to nap, I replaced her cotton bud since she looked so determined to finish up. But as soon as we went into the room, I could hear her washing her hands.😪😅 I knew she gave up! 😂
After putting Nikki to sleep, I came out seeing her eating cheese cake. So I went and finished up hers too (sticking the sticks onto the roll). Then I told her to come over – to ask her complete the last step – which is to apply glue and stick onto the stand, which she did! 
It is not about a nice or ugly craft! But I hope she understands that she needs to complete what she started – and not giving up in the midst! And if need help, please ask (though mama sucks at asking help😝)! 

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