Kids feeling entitled? 

Increasingly, we find ourselves having to say ‘no’ to Noelle’s demands; but I think we are in the right direction. Nobody (including adults) should think that they are always entitled to ‘something’ – because this ‘something’ is always a barter to ‘something else’ such as money and time (how valuable is this ‘something else’ really depends on your current situation; for example – every minute is important to me – as at times I don’t get to do my own stuff in a minute!)
Noelle’s latest demand happened at Toyrus- with her pleas to buy another My Little Pony set. Seriously, it requires a calm mind to pull her away. Few points we made to her (1) we need to go to the supermarket after this and if we buy her the toy, we will not have enough money to buy groceries and thus we have nothing to eat at home; (2) we need to go home – think and calculate if we have enough money to get one toy; (3) we reminded her of our 14 days challenge which she has not fulfilled – and if she does, we will happily buy the toy (4) we asked her to look carefully at which set she wants and try to remember it (also testing her if she knows the characters names – or else check them first at home before buying) and finally (5) we gave her a hug and went out of the store (with her still bugging us actually – and thus reminded her again the points above). But we were glad that it did not end up with cries and tantrum (hopefully this works for certain time)!
And hope we are stepping in the right direction! Nice article to share out here.<here>
*i wasn’t using – her ‘birthday coming soon’ – as I don’t want her to feel entitled for ‘something’ (yet)

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