Pervert on the run?

We were in Popular Bookstore at Paradigm Mall (about 9pm 18.11.16). Hubby was looking at books and it was my turn to look after Noelle while babywearing Nikki. While I was looking at Noelle, Nikki wanted to be breastfed. So I just breastfed her as usual in the carrier. 
Then this man (the one in red shirt) was peeping from far. I did notice him for a while and thought maybe ‘I think too much’. He was wandering at the kids books section – we actually exchanged glances few times. I tried covering as much as possible while Nikki was breastfeeding. Since Noelle was sitting at a spot and ain’t moving, I tried making moves around Noelle and saw him continue to peep on me/us. 
Next he went one round – as in walking over to the stationary section and then came back to the kids section – this time with his mobile phone on his hand. Instantly, I thought to myself if he was about to snap photos of me breastfeeding Nikki. I stared at him again and he saw me staring at him – so he moved away.
By then, Noelle decided to change spot and we moved further into the kids book section (right where this photo was taken). He came and peep at us again! This time I took out my phone and took this photo. He saw me taking this photo. Right after that, he just walked out of Popular!😒
Whatever his intention to peep on me/my boobs/my kids – just a reminder to all – be careful of your surroundings wherever you are!
Good night!

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