Review: Pelagos Masala Shrimp

They are frozen prawns; packed conveniently for easy storage and ease of cooking for 2 persons (but since my hubby doesn’t eat prawn and this is a spicy dish – I cooked this for my breakfast served with bread and lunch served with rice).

It has simple instructions (see pic) on how to cook them, which comes handy for noob cooks! 

The only thing that I did not ‘follow’ – I added onions to oil before cooking the prawns. 

Not sure if my freezer is too cold, it took me more than time required (probably few minutes longer than suggested) to cook it.

Taste wise – yeah, spicy masala at finger tips! It takes few minutes for the spice to taper off my tongue (to tell you how spicy it is). The prawns are authentic (doink doink- sorry no video😝)!
In short: Worthy to give it a try! 😊

Note: This is NOT a paid advertisement but we were given samples to try!

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