Noelle’s music class 051116

This time we didn’t have any issue when we told her that we were going music class! I didn’t have to brief her (instead she told me what’s going to happen in the class) BUT I had reminded her that she needs to take turns and it is alright if she doesn’t get the ‘colour’ of choice – musical instrument. I also told her that no one cries in the class, right?
So, this time she even reminded her friends to take turn; but reluctantly took turn! 🙄 She was picky on a particular girl – and tend to ‘fight’ to help the teacher! 😪 She was a little drama towards the end of the class (guess that was when her attention span get drained out)! 
Overall, she did enjoy the class (I think). We can also gauge her memory level (quite good, as told by the teacher) and her focus (need more practice on this, as she needs to be reminded to listen).

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