Bye Ezcema

Today will be the LAST Chinese coriander/ parsley; yin sai (in canto); daun ketumbar (in Malay) bath for Noelle – she calls it ‘vege bath’! *cross fingers*
The eczema sort of came back at her toes/feet area after returning from Phuket. We tried the usual ezerra lotion and sudo cream; works to certain extent only! Her skin wrinkled and the itch part actually stops from healing completely. 
So, we persistently bath/soak her once a day in this Chinese coriander bath (usually bath Nikki in it too because Noelle wants to bath together)! At first, it doesn’t seem improving; on the verge of giving up – but just continued since it does no harm. It is a slow recovery – but best of all, no application of lotion or cream at all! We just have to remind her to wear socks at night when she goes to bed! The most crucial thing is to stop the itch – which it did! Eventually, it recovered! (Even the areas prone to eczema such as elbow – has no sign of itch! 😊)
^^Chinese coriander is cheaper in Hero supermarket (and some say in NSK😂) compared to wet market and pasar malam! 

••Boil a bunch of Chinese coriander in a pot of water for 30 minutes. Then pour into tub and add water. Just bath with it without any shampoo. We did it once a day! 

**For my record, not proving anything, sharing so that others who need this can consider this method

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