No helicopter parenting in playground 

One of the ‘best’ kind of parents I love being around – parents who do NOT helicopter parent in the playground!
The kids have the freedom to go ‘wild’ in the playground! They climb the bars. They chase one another and they invite Noelle (or Noelle can invite them) to play! They are rough – Noelle was ‘bullied’ sometimes (tai sei!😝). 
No rules set – just constant reminders ‘be careful’, ‘take turns’, ‘play together’, ‘only take what belongs to you’
And they wave goodbye at the end of the play! 
^^While some may think that the mother was just focusing on her phone, she wasn’t – she did keep an eye on her kids (while I was keeping an eye on Nikki plus Noelle from far). She is a SAHM and truly understand that she needs this breather (like I do) in the playground! 
** Time flies! Noelle used to be bitten by that girl 😂 last year. Now they can play together! 

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