Seaside and paddy field @ Sekinchan 

We have been talking about this place ‘ages’ ago and contemplated to go during some holidays. Even today, we were still thinking if we can make it – thinking of the jam! 🙄 But at last, we made it. And it was smooth traffic. 

Not very far actually (about one and half hour to Sekinchan) – get to read my book with both kids sitting/sleeping themselves until reaching the town when the baby wanted mama!
Not a very clean beach, but we were happy enough that it was windy and weather was good! 

We spent quite some time there at the little village- Noelle was happy with her Doraemon windmill and the play area! 

We then had seafood lunch in one of the restaurants before proceeding to the paddy factory. 

First time tourist, we paid RM10 for some slight briefing and two mini packets of grain rice. 

We spent some time taking photos at the paddy fields too. I love the fact that we can go so near to the paddy fields unlike our visits to Balinese paddy fields!

Before calling the one day trip off, we stopped by at a cafe to have coconut water and mango ice cream. 
It was a short, enjoyable and relaxing trip for us!

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