Some days are good, some days aren’t 

Today Noelle was invited to play in the playground by a parent. They were looking for ‘butterflies’ (which were fallen leaves poked into sticks).
Noelle was all good during the search for leaves and sticks – (but not when they get down to floor, grouping the leaves). And then the lady’s daughter was sobbing! 😱 I went over and ‘reminded’ Noelle to share – and the lady looked at me and said ‘yes, she is sharing’ plus overheard her telling the daughter to say out what she wants instead of crying. Noelle was busy poking leaves with the stick and she was the only one having the stick (so I lebih kurang know ‘must be Noelle la’🙄😪) So I tried my ‘very best’ to distract Noelle away…eventually she did went away to search for sticks.
Actually it is a mixed feelings whenever this happen – because we will never know how the other parent will react to Noelle’s behavior (especially unruly ones) during play. I am grateful for an understanding one today – after the play, I told Noelle to thank the Aunty for playing with her and the lady was still with all smiles!
While we may meet many parents, not all can ‘click’ (not even if we are related). Not saying who’s right or wrong (because there are different parenting ways and most parents are protective over their kids) but if we happen to bump into parents that could show some empathy – it is definitely a blessing!
So, be one that can empathize! 

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