We need no explanation 

Pic: we did cotton bud painting

When one is SAHM, much of their time will be handling the kids, activities with them and housechores. And our main ‘entertainment’ is limited to facebook – especially mums who bf lying down and has nothing to do except staring at the wall! So, we or rather me, will spend quite some time writing down my thoughts and observations especially on my kids. It is also a record plus an update for people who genuinely want to know about our condition on a daily basis. I also share because facebook is a place to learn from one another. Yes, it is multiple posts a day sometimes (that’s my personal fb anyway).
And today I read a rather sarcastic post that have a ‘hard’ message (maybe siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas – because I felt it was saying me) – ‘some people spend their lives trying to justify how they are bringing up their child by posting multiple posts in a day’. 
Well, sharing is called ‘justifying’ or show offs. And if we give comments/remarks that they don’t want to hear, this is called ‘judging’ (but usually I will just agree to disagree because we are learning from one another). Then might as well ‘close down’ your facebook – stay in your own world! 
Nothing we do is going to be correct to everyone. 
And if no one share, will we have new friendship or learning from one another?

Sometimes I just turn a blind eye for certain comments I read that may be pointing to me (/other people I know) directly or indirectly (here, there and every where) and wish these people will be happier after expressing their comments! 
Yes, I am NOT blind; just turning myself blind! 😝

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