Our second anniversary play date with EZ boy

Lol! We didn’t plan for a second anniversary play date but it so happened on the day (after) we planned to take them out! 
We were supposed to take a bus but we didn’t manage to get a ride on it (only if we waited another five minutes)! So, we just went for a train ride plus the supermarket trip. Unexpectedly, Noelle wanted to go to Funtopia this round – and so we went. They were having much fun together – playing hide-n-seek and running around. But ended up with a scene (not both of them; just Noelle with another kid) towards the end of the session – so mama ended up kind of upset (running in my mind thereafter)! 
We went to the supermarket before having our lunch at the cafe! We took a longer train ride before returning home (as usual). They played in our home playground and at home for short moments before EZ and his mama made a move! Gladly, no scene between the playdates! 
Both of them have grown up so much! Though they don’t meet often, from my observation EZ has fond memories of Noelle much more than Noelle towards EZ! (Noelle has more memories with Aunty Quiii, I guess!) 
Beyond the kids, I have a great friendship with Quinnie for the past 2 years. From samseng exchange of gifts to lesbo who gives me surprises (sadly/happily, more often than my hubby 😂 So, she earned her ‘title’ lesbo), the lady who ‘nearly’ followed me into the labour room (she volunteered when I told her I am going to the labour room myself because my hubby will be looking after Noelle), the person who brings me extra food on and off (she is a familiar face in our condo area – she just need to wave to the guard to get in and one of the neighbours thought she has been bringing food for her ‘mother’) and most importantly listen to my rant – happy and sad – with an open mind, allows me to ‘sarcastically’ shoot her and accepting me for who I am without judging my past and why I behave as such! Hope our friendship is beyond these 2 years!

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