Papa’s little princess v2

Each day when papa opens the door after a long day at work; she’s the first one who turns her head to look out at the door; sometimes waving both hands to papa and/or calling out ‘baba’! 
When papa is taking his shower or baking ‘cake’ in the washroom, she will wait at the washroom door or in the room for papa (instead of playing in the living room). When papa is at sight, she just crawls to papa to ask for a hug. At times, she refuses mama’s hug after papa returns from work.
As time passes, she also allows mama to go out for a short while with Jeh Jeh (aka ‘we time’) by staying at home with papa! Her papa is her perfect cushion for a short nap! 
^She is all good with papa until her time for nen nen!

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