Raising kinder, less entitled kids?

It mostly boils down to your own behavior; for example:

– are you making people wait for you most of the time?

– do you fuss almost all the time and feel entitled because you paid for the ‘service’? 

– do you complain (in a way ‘judge’) others because they aren’t ‘following’ your way? 

– do you allow people to bring yourself/kids/spouse without defending them (in a correct way)?
Most importantly, watch how you response! Be empathetic- *sometimes ignorance is really a bliss; especially when it comes to anger.
I am not perfect but I am still learning – with my kids! In a way, parenting change me to be a better person (sorry to tell – I have always been a ‘cold’ hearted person in the past and maybe still ‘at times’)!

Nice article to ponder on:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/on-parenting/how-to-raise-kinder-less-entitled-kids-according-to-science/2016/10/03/1a74fa3a-7525-11e6-b786-19d0cb1ed06c_story.html

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