Play date with EZ boy

We had a rather ‘organised’ playdate today! Things went as planned with only slight tweaking. We started with playing space balloon while waiting for Nikki to get up from her morning power nap. Then we went down to our playground – free play, soda & candy experiment plus badminton ‘practice’. We came back for some free play at the living hall before proceeded for lunch. Next we went down to swim. After swimming, the kids had mango sorbet before the Yaps leave – cos it was naptime for three of them!
With different playdates, Noelle exhibits different kinds of behavior. She knows that EZ is gentle and would be defensive most of the time! And so she did show her bullying traits! (I am fortunate to have understanding parents who will not judge me as the parent)! Overall, Noelle did enjoyed herself in particular with Uncle Yap; and Nikki who was timid in the beginning – has been with smiles later part of the day (but mama has to be in sight)!
Thank you Yaps for making time for us when our papa is at work today! And thank you for the tapau lunch! 😬

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