Our sanity day out v1

We were supposed to go to Funtopia but when we arrived there Noelle is too ‘tiny’ for the big slide and only allowed the smaller playground – which she refused to go. She was very disappointed and cried there! I bought her a Peppa book from Book Xcess. 

Still showing her disappointment, we went to RT pastry cafe for our early lunch. (She actually told me she didn’t want to go home when we walked out of the mall.) So, I successfully ate with two girls in the cafe for the first time (Nikki woke half way – so was juggling midway).

 After getting her cheese cake, Noelle was happy enough. I asked her if she wanted a longer train ride or a ride straight home. She choose a longer ride – so we went few stations ahead before making a u-turn back home.

It was also an educational trip for Noelle – we spoke a lot on the way (walking, on the train, in the cafe) – also to keep her focus!

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