Tough mummy lasts!

The most ‘demotivating’ week with both fallen slightly ill (mild flu and cough) – both cranky and one extreme clingy! Most tasks set aside (until i had time to creep out to do – can’t deny that there have been alot of noises – sometimes i just had to let them cry and sometimes i do have to ‘scream’ to maintain sanity). Making sure both were happy, we did alot dancing and singing (i was out of breath most of the days). 
Amist of this, I have been reflecting on what has been happening and why i got so emotional this week – i do feel very ‘alone’ (why who-and-who has who-and-who to help up but not me; then i reminded myself not to compare) and even thought over about some friendship (why so-and-so became strangers now; then reminded myself not to bother people who i can’t control).
There was a day in the week which i fell like ‘running away’ from being a mum; which i did by going off the supermarket and leaving two of them with hubby right after he came home from work (and after dinner)…it was a real breather!

Found her sleeping on hubby’s arm when I was back!

And the day after i am glad that a friend turn up during her lunchtime at our doorstep to chat with me and even helped me with dishes though I just offered her a glass of drink! 
All these are part of motherhood, i guess! The tough gets tougher!
I had one of the toughest week in 8 months plus but it is passing – and reading this (article) over and over again…and thought it just came at the right time!

* I realised why i have been so emotionalđŸ˜‚- probably pms because i had my first period after 8m23d + 10 months! Goodbye to my period free days!

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